I never got used to Bash programming syntax. Whenever I have to write a more-than-trivial bash script, the strange syntax annoys me, and I have to Google every little thing I need to do, starting from how to do comparisons in if statements, how to use sed , etc.


So, you have a batch processing / ETL task that receives some data in a loop or per request and crunches it. It might even be running in production. …

GitHub repo: https://github.com/davidohana/kofiko-kotlin


Kotlin and Python are my favorite programming languages. After publishing Kofiko configuration library for Python, I decided to work on a port of it for Kotlin. Actually the porting to Kotlin took significantly more effort, for many reasons. I wanted to introduce better extensibility architecture this time…

GitHub repo: https://github.com/davidohana/kofiko-python
PyPi package: https://pypi.org/project/kofiko

In the Code-First approach, you first define your data-model in plain code. You can start working with that model immediately, and only later you worry about schema definitions, bindings, and other necessities. …

If you have successfully integrated Generic OAuth with Grafana, you might wonder as I did, how do you allow only specific authenticated users from your organization to access Grafana? and how do you set different access rights (admin, editor, viewer) to those users?

The first thing we need to do…

(Full code and samples for this post at my GitHub Repo)

Suppose you have the following code which invokes a gRPC request and may fail due to various network conditions.

How to retry this call until no exception raised? Wrap the call in an inner(inline) named function and use the provided retry function.
Thanks to closures, we can use any variable in the scope outer to the inner function.

This retry function supports the following features:

  • Returns the value of the invoked function when it succeeds
  • Raises the exception of the invoked function if attempts exhausted
  • Limit for the number of attempts (0 for unlimited)
  • Wait (linear or exponential) between attempts
  • Retry only if the exception is an instance of a specific exception type.
  • Optional logging of attempts

Retry function code:

So, keep trying!


Logging in alternating colors for message arguments

The latest full code and samples for this article are available under the Apache-2.0 license at my GitHub Repo.

Yes, we love logging in colors.
Yes, there are many Python libraries and sample code that show you how to colorize your stdout log messages by logging level.

But I am…

The full code (library + example + .ini files) for the following article are available at GitHub : https://github.com/davidohana/LayConf

In every programming language I use, one of the first thing I need is a decent configuration library.

My requirements are usually:

  • Default (hard-coded) configuration
  • Custom configuration file
  • Ability to override…

Log-template mining is a method for extracting useful information from unstructured log files. This blog post explains how we use log-template mining to monitor for network outages. We also introduce Drain3, an open-source streaming log template miner.

Our main goal in this use-case is the early identification of incidents in…

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